Text Box:  It's hard to believe tht we are already in the second half of the New Year. When I was a child I would often hear my parents and other adults make the statment, "the older I get, the faster the years pass by". I now know the truth of that statement. Although time waits on no one the Lord has abundantly blessed Shiloh and we are excited about what the lord has waiting for us during the remainder of the year.

The Summer and Fall months are always a time of great worship and fellowship here at Shiloh. During the month of August we look forward to our Annual Sunday school pinic which is always a blast. August is also the month that our Mass Choir and Sanctuary Choir celebrate their annual days and we are always blessed and uplifted on those occassions. 

September is perhaps the busiest month during the year as we give thanks to the Lord for our children and teens during our Annual Youth Day Celebration. Our Youth Day Worship Service and picnic is not only a celebration for our fellowship but has also been a blessed occassion for many members of the community who attend the festivities. It is also during the month of September that the Women of Shiloh celebrate their Annual Day with great enthusiasm and joy. For the past several years our Women's Day Celebration has set the tone for our Annual Union Revival which is held jointly with our sister church, First Baptist Church (Salem). We are again looking forward to experincing the power and anointing of the Spirit of God during our upcoming revival.

So it is with great anticipation and excitement that we look forward to worshipping and praising the Lord together throughout the remainder of 2010. It is my earnest prayer that as a Church Family we continue to grow in our love for the Lord and for one another. And let us always remember that no matter what we are experiencing in our lives that we will continue to praise God with the fruits of our lips giving thanks to His name.


Pastor and Mrs. Adrian E. Dowell

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