Pastor Dowell
A Message From Our Pastor
Mission Statement

The purpose of this Church will be:

A.    The saving of souls;

B.    The preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ;

C.    The promotion and furtherance of the spiritual welfare of its members and others in attendance upon its ministry;

D.    The extension of the kingdom of God at home and abroad;

E.     The adherence to the full obedience of the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Adrian E. Dowell

What an awesome experience it has been to witness the vision that the Lord revealed to us some eight years ago to become a reality in such a brief period of time.  I am often reminded of the promise God spoke into my spirit concerning our fellowship as He declared unto me, “I’ve set before this congregation an open door that no man can shut because we have kept His word and not denied His name.”  As I reflect upon those words the Lord spoke, I still tremble because of the awesome responsibility that comes with His promise.  For it is a powerful reminder to us, a church family that God has purposed for Shiloh to be a haven of hope and a sanctuary for the redeemed. However, we must never forget the true church of Christ extends far beyond these four walls and that we are ever accountable to our Lord’s Great Commission.
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February 20th

Intercessory Prayer Service



February 20th

Men's Fellowship Bible Study



February 20th

The Deacon Ministry will meet in the Crusaders Classroom



February 20th

Caregiver Support Ministry - Rev. M. Sylvia Ball, Guess Facilitator from Sweet Union Baptist Church



February 21th

Shiloh will observe our Annual Black History Month Celebration

Guest speaker The Reverend Dr. C. W. Dunning II



February 24th

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.



February 25th

Gospel Chorus rehearse)


March 19th

Caregivers Support Ministry - Donna Bowman, Guest Facilitator, Alzheimer's Association



April 16th

Caregivers Support Ministry - Susan Wilson, Guest Facilitator, AARP "Home Fit Presentation



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